Explanatory Variables for the Self-reported Level of Participation in School Sports by Botswana Agriculture Teachers

Mr. Gaosenye L. Otsweleng, Barnabas M. Dlamini


The purpose of the descriptive correlational survey study was to determine explanatory variables of level of participation in school sports by Botswana agriculture teachers. A cluster random representative sample was drawn, and stratified by secondary education supervisory region, and location of the school. A valid and reliable questionnaire was used to collect data. Findings revealed that Botswana senior secondary school teachers’ level of participation in school sports was seldom. Five variables explained and predicted level of participation in sports: interest in sports, availability of time for sporting events, number of certified coaching courses attended, availability of resources, and sex. Findings implied that agriculture teachers do not waste value and see sports as an important activity in the education of children in Botswana. Thus, agriculture teachers should periodically be sent for in-service training, including coaching courses to improve their knowledge and skills in sports. Participation is sports could assist in developing teachers’ physical health and fitness that may lead to efficiency in the conduct of their work. Further research should be conducted to identify reasons for teachers’ low interest in sports.



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