Backward and Forward Linkages in Early Industrial Development in Swaziland: 1930s-1970s

Bonginkosi Azariah B. Sikhondze


In the past and in contemporary times Swaziland served a s a satellite industrial base for Southern Africa for many years. While the country benefitted directly from her position as a satellite state, she could have benefitted more as an independent economic entity. Swaziland could have done this by developing her natural and local resources in response to the demands of the market and those of the population within the country and without. More benefits could have accrued to industry in Swaziland if she had built strong linkages between her manufacturing plants and her sources of raw materials. Similar benefits could have accrued to Swaziland industry especially from neighbouring territories in the sub-region. On the contrary Swaziland has at best become an assembly point for Southern Africa based industries. Swaziland has also remained the exporter of raw materials to Swaziland and other consumers of her raw materials.



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